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Players may belong to the following classes:

  • BarbarianBig fighters who cannot use any magic items.
  • Cleric: Healers and casters of spells.
  • Druid: Spell casters in tune with the balance of nature.
  • Magic User (Mage or Sorcerer)Casters of powerful spells.
  • Monk: Master of their own bodies.
  • Paladin: Warriors of light, blessed by the gods.
  • Psionist: Those who have developed the powers of their mind.
  • Ranger: Wilderness fighters for the cause of good.
  • ThiefThese sneaky characters have a mighty backstab.
  • WarriorThe backbone of any fighting force.

Some classes may be combined to form a multiclass character, such as an
Elven mage/Thief or a Dwarven Cleric/Warrior. Humans may also be
multiclass. Multi-class PCs cannot specialize, because specialization
requires a skill of over 100% and multi-class PCs are limit ed below that.
Dual class PCs are limited to 87%, while tris are limited to 80%. Multi-class
sorcerers get fewer spells (about half for dual, 1/3 for tri). And, of
course, multis have to split XP between their classes.

  • Barbarians are impressive fighters with a tendency to go berserk. They can
    take more damage then any other class. They are, however, completely
    unable to use, or even hold, and item with the taint of magic. This means
    they will never be as well armored, or have the magical advantages, of a
    warrior. They get a natural hit and damage bonus.
    Barbarians now get an innate bonus to hit and damage as they rise in
    level. The formula for hit bonus is (lvl+3)/9, damage bonus is (lvl-3)/9.
    For true barbarians, who can’t do math, that is:
    Hit bonuses at levels 6, 15, 24, 33, 42.
    Damage bonuses at levels 12, 21, 30, 39, 48

  • The Cleric class gives you the wisdom of peace, blessing and healing, though it
    is possible to learn a few violent spells. You can improve your spells by
    using the study command or by using them once first learned. To review
    your spell list, use ‘study c’.

  • Warriors are the basic cannon fodder of the game. They fight well, and
    can use some magic items (though they can’t cast magic.) They get
    relatively good hit points. Also, a Half-Giant can reach level 45 as a
    warrior. You can improve your skills by using the study command, in the
    room in the warrior’s guild with the guildmaster. Many skills also improve
    with use, so you might want to only study each skill once. You should also
    practice your weapons with your guild master. To rev iew your current
    skills, use ‘study w’.

  • The mage class is one  of powerful and violent magic, but the magic user
    does not control nature, and can therefore not bless and such. You
    can improve your spells by using the study command or by using them once
    first learned. To review your spell list, use ‘study m’.

  • Sorcerer’s are a class of magic user that use their mind to store
    power and not mana. This class of Mage uses memorize and recall for it’s
    spells. To review your spell list, use ‘study s’.

  • Thieves are known to have very special qualities, that no other class
    offers. Many of these qualities can come in handy in many situations, such
    as picking locks. They are not very combat oriented, however, so do not
    expect to be able to kill many things by yourself. The useful aspect of
    thieves involves their ability to scout ahead, avoid monsters, and
    pick locks. You can improve you skills by using the study command and by
    attempting to use them once first learned. To see your cu rrent skills,
    use ‘study t’.

  • Druids are spell casters who are in tune with the balance of nature. They
    must maintain a neutral alignment, or they lose levels, or worse. A
    Druid who has fallen from the path may never return to being a Druid, but
    instead becomes a Cleric.
    When a druid has reached a high enough level, Silverleaf the guildmaster
    has deemed that it becomes necessary for him or her to fight another druid
    of a similar level in order to advance. The challenge must be done without
    the aid of material po ssessions or others to prove the worthiness of the
    druid. To the north of the Silverleaf, in a place only druids may enter,
    lies the druid challenge room. Once there, Silverleaf suggests listening
    very carefully to what the druid assistant has to say.

    ** Learn flame blade and tree travel as soon as you can. **

    To review your spell list, use ‘study d’.

  • Monks are a very special class, with a variety of advantages and

    When a young monk has reached a high enough level, Gifft the Grandmaster
    has declared that he or she must fight and defeat a monk of equal skill
    in order to advance. The challenge must be done without any material
    possessions and alone in order to prove the monk’s worth.

    *These masters of unarmed combat carry very little equipment. Their vows
    do not allow them to have more than 25 items, so choose carefully. They may
    also carry up to 25 food or drink items above this. If the game reboots or
    crashes while a monk has to many items they lose EVERYTHING!
    *Monks cannot use banks until they are level 40.
    *Monks lose experience if they flee unsuccessfully from a mob that is
    lower level than they are.
    *Monks have very limited access to armor and weapons, and do not get as
    many hit points as a warrior.

    *A monk’s kick does his level in damage, while other PCs kicks only do
    half level.
    *Monks are immune to hold (paralysis) at level 10, resistant to charm at
    level 18, immune to poison at level 22, and immune to charm at level 36.
    *Monks regenerate move at twice the rate of most other classes.
    *Monk armor class drops 5 points per level to, at best, -50 (not counting
    dexterity, etc.)
    *Monks have double dex bonuses to Armor Class.
    *Monks have access to some thief skills.
    *Unarmed monks get one + (level/16) attacks each round. The fractional
    portion will provide a probability of getting an extra attack each round.
    *Monks get improve bare handed damage:
    Level Damage Level Damage Level Damage Level Damage
    1- 3 1d3 15-19 2d4 30-34 4d4 42-44 6d4
    4- 5 1d4 20-21 3d3 35-36 4d5 45-49 6d5
    6-11 1d6 22-26 3d4 37-41 5d4 50 8d4
    12-14 2d3 27-29 4d3

    The formula used for the number of at tacks that an unarmed monk will get per
    round is:
    level 1 to 8 level 9 to 50
    ————– —————-
    level/8 + 1 level/16 + 1.5

    The fractional portion will provide the probability of getting an extra
    attack each round. (i.e. if you were VERY lucky, a 2nd level monk could get 2
    attacks every round, but probably won’t)

    For a list of skills known, use ‘study k’.

  • Psionist are characters that use the power of the mind. They can
    summon people from great distances, they have even been known to blast
    the mind of powerful beings to jelly! They also have natural telepathy,
    requiring no study.

    Psionist use the command MIND to activate most of their skills, be
    sure to see the help section on MIND.

    To see a Psionist skills known use ‘study i’.

  • Rangers are Warriors of the woods. They are expert trackers and
    learn the ways to best protect and live in a woodland environment. Rangers
    alignment must never become evil (below -350). A Ranger who falls from
    the path is permanently a simple Warrior.

    Rangers have semi-Cleric/Druid abilities. As the Ranger progresses
    s/he can learn specific spells that have to do with forest/animal
    training. To use the spells you use the CAST command.

    Most skills that a Ranger uses must be us ed OUTSIDE. OUTSIDE is
    considered in a forest, desert, arctic or anywhere not inside. To see
    Rangers skills known ‘study r’. A good way to see if you are outside is
    to use the WEATHER command.

  • Paladins are Holy Warriors, protectors of the church and the general lawful
    goodies that most evil creatures HATE. Paladins must remain in good
    standings (align must be 350+). A Paladin who falls from the path may
    never become a Paladin again, but is instead a simple warrior from then

    Paladins have the innate abilities of detecting evil and protection from
    evil. They also have some special skills that they and only they can use.
    To see a Paladins skills known, use ‘study p’.