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Shadowdale MUD is a multi-user dungeon game in Cincinnati on the internet which
supports being played continually by hundreds of people at once. It is
basically an AD&D game where the computer is playing Dungeon Master all
the time. The theme is based on the Forgotten Realms Campaign series by
TSR. We were originally a DIKU code base, but have advanced far along the lines
of more D&D compliance. We have been working hard to replace all of the
original stock zones with the areas of the Forgoten Realms and we now have
very few of the standard stock zones left.

Shadowdale (or just SD) has always tried to be a mud which can be
recommended by ISPs to educators and parents. It is newbie friendly, has excellent
help files, no PKilling (players are not  allowed to kill other players), strict
language controls on public communication channels, and policys
concerning players harassing other players in any way. In general this has given us
an older player/admin base than many muds. The game can be played on
purely a social basis or for the challenge of the game.

Shadowdale also has another feature that is fairly unique among muds.
Everyone gets to “immort”.  Our mud is built and administrated by players
who have become dedicated to its well being rather than a “chosen few”.
Everyone gets to play thru our mud up to level 50, and then gains an admin
character (immortal) to help the mud become better. We also give each
level 51 immortal a zone to build, adding to our mud, and a chance to advance up
thru all of the levels of immortal administration.

So come on in and see what mudding at SD is all about. And if you know the
Forgotten Realms you should find yourself right at home!