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Shadowdale provides a variety of races to choose from when you are creating your character(s).

Below are some basic descriptions to help you choose:

  • Human:  Heh…Look in the mirror. Humans are the average the other races are
    compared with. The are unlimited in all classes. They are subject to the
    least amount of racial hatreds. Humans may multi-class, but some multi-
    class combinations are restricted to other classes, especially to elves
    and half elves. Humans start at age 17, reach middle age at 40, old age at 60, and are
    ancient at 90.

  • Elves:  Sharp features such as pointed ears set this race apart from most.
    They are known to be flighty and not dependable. Elves are also known to
    be some of the best magicians around, as well as being one of the most
    dexterous races. The subraces of elf are:
  • Moon Elf: More Movement, faster Mana gain, higher dex, lower con than humans. Some races have a racial hatred for them.  Supposedly they detect secret doors and have infravision.

    Gold Elf: Same as Moon, except more intelligent and less wisdom.

    Wild Elf: Same as Moon except stronger, less intelligent.

    Sea Elf: Same as Moon except healthier and stronger, less dexterous.  They can naturally breath water. 

  • Moon and Gold Elves start at 120, reach middle age at 500, old age at 750,
    and are ancient at 1125.  Wild and Sea Elves start at 120, reach middle age at 300, old age at 450,
    and are ancient at 675.

  • Half-Elf: A Half breed of human and elf, this race calls no place home and
    tries to make anywhere s/he stays their home. A Half elf can take on the
    qualities of either of it human or elvish parents. They usually have the
    infravision and can detect secret doors like an elf. They have good
    movement and mana gain. Half elves can multi-class in some interesting
    ways, including multi-class Druids. Half-Elves start at 45, reach middle age at 80, old age at 120, and are ancient at 180.

  • Dark-Elf:  The most evil race of elves, these live under the ground and rarely
    tunnel out to the surface. They have infravision and are well
    coordinated, but may not have good constitution. They like to enslave
    other races, and especially hate other elves. They are cold blooded
    killers, and masters of magic. The sunlight causes their eyes extreme
    pain, so they cannot fight well in sunlight. Generally dark elves have
    black color ed skin and white hair. Very occasionally, Dark Elves will
    automatically cast darkness and levitate on themselves. Not even other Dark
    Elves trust Dark Elves.  In comparison to good elves:
    Dark Elf: Same as elves, but higher dex, infravision, class limits are
    different. Minus to hit in lighted rooms, automatically cast
    darkness and levitate on themselves occasionally.
    Dark Elves start at 120, reach middle age at 200, old age at 300, and are
    ancient at 450.

  • Dwarf & Dark-Dwarf: Wide as a barrel and about as tall. This short stocky race builds
    the best stone houses/tunnels or anything made of stone around. Perhaps
    due to their underground existence, Dwarves have developed the ability to
    see outside the normal range of visible light, into the infrared. Due to
    there short legs they sometimes have trouble keeping up with companions of
    taller races. Dwarves are known to have very good constitution, but as
    also known to be very hard to get along with. Some races h ate all dwarves.
    Some (jealous of fine Dwarven craftsmanship no doubt) claim dwarves are a
    bit clumsy. Dwarves do seem to gain HP faster, and they are hard to
    poison. If a dwarf does not have a beard a foot long he must be a baby.
    Dwarves start at 45, reach middle age at 100, old age at 150, and are ancient at 225.

  • Gnome:  Some would say that these guys look like a dwarf with a very large
    nose, I would not say that to a dwarf though. Gnomes are known to be very
    intelligent, but are not wise at all. They have the low movement and
    infravision of a dwarf, but have faster mana gain. Gnomes start at 45, reach middle age at 180, old age at 270, and are ancient at 405.

  • Halfling: Mini-humans is what they look like, but nothing like humans are
    they. Halflings like to enjoy good food and lay about. They are good at
    most Thief skills when born, although they are not a evil race. They are
    very dexterous, but not very strong. They usually have trouble keeping up
    with taller companions, but they recover there endurance and health faster
    than many other races. Halflings are hard to poison.  Halflings start at 45 , reach middle age at 60, old age at 90, and are ancient at 135.

  • Half-Orc:  Half human and half orc, this guy looks like a very very ugly human.
    Not very sure where to live these guys can be very dangerous or very
    helpful. They are however healthy, have infravision and have good move
    gain. Half-orcs start at 17, reach middle age at 28, old age at 42, and are
    ancient at 63.

  • Half-Ogre:  Half Ogres are huge hairy human looking race. They are not very
    smart nor very quick moving about, however they are strong and healthy.
    They have good move and hit point gain, and are big.
    Half-ogres start at 17, reach middle age at 28, old age at 42, and are
    ancient at 63.

  • Half-Giant:  Race of half giant and half human, they look more human than
    anything and can often be confused as a large human. Half-Giants are known
    for their high strength and constitution, but are a bit dim, and sometimes
    foolish. They can take an incredible amount of damage and live to brag
    about it. They are very large, so can sometimes bash other very large
    creatures. They are only suited to being Warriors or Barbarian. Half-Giants st art at 45, reach middle age at 60, old age at 90, and are ancient at 135.

  • Orcish:  Orcs live short, brutal lives in there underground warrens. They are
    remarkably similar to toothy, pig snouted, hunched humans, but seem to be
    de-evolving. They are perhaps becoming healthier over time, due to their
    tendency to eat their own children if the children are weak. Those who
    are not Orcs find Orcs remarkably repulsive. They have infravision.  Orcs start at 17, reach middle age at 28, old age at 42, and are ancient at 63.

  • Goblinoid: Goblins are nasty little creatures, about the size of Halflings. They are
    not as strong as larger races, but make up for it by being more
    coordinated and less ethical. They live short brutal lives, and are just
    out for themselves. They have infravision, and like to steal. Goblins start at 17, reach middle age at 28, old age at 42, and are ancient at 63.

  • Trollish:  These are large, horrible creatures. They are not as large as Half-
    Giants, so cannot bash giant creatures. Trolls are very strong, sometimes
    stronger than any human, and are healthy, but they are clumsy, dumb, and
    lack wisdom. They are resilient. Trolls sure seem to be able to take a lot
    of damage! Occasionally, after battle, they regenerate an occasional hit
    point. Trolls who are unarmed fight with claws instead of fists.  Trolls start at 45, reach middle age at 60, old age at 90, and are ancient at 135.